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Women’s Fashion Autumn/Winter 2016: Our Favourite Mod Styles

We have a fantastic collection for your autumn and winter wardrobe 2016. We’ve taken in orders from a range of high-end Mod designers, all carefully chosen to reflect the tastes of our wonderful customers. Whoever you are, if you’re into Mod fashion, you will find some great gems amongst our autumn winter collection.

As fans of Mod fashions, you will have come to expect unique, fun, and perfectly fitting fashions from us, and we hope to have delivered it this year. Whether you're looking for your perfect dress, for every day clothes, for knits, tops, or trousers, we’re certain that you'll find styles that you love amongst our collection. We offer all of the funk of the style coupled with some modern twists, and of course, at a great price!

So, let’s take a look at some of the styles we have to offer you this season:

• Sherry’s ‘60s vintage sleeveless turtleneck dress: wow! There’s so much to say about this dress. First, we absolutely love the turtleneck and it’s bang on trend with the high-street fashions too. This makes the dress unique in that it broaches both the vintage and the contemporary look into a single style.

 vintage sleeveless turtleneck dress

We love the bold colours – the red contrasting with the white is striking and perfect for the Christmas party season because the colours match! The button detail is the final cherry on the cake. Perfect.

The only thing we’d say is that you'll need to wear a jacket and throw on a pair of tights; otherwise, you might be a bit chilly this year!

• Sherry’s ‘60s vintage quadrant dress: if you love the Mary Quant side of the Mod fashion, then this is absolutely perfect for you. Anyone who knows of Mary Quant won’t help but make comparisons between this dress and her style.

vintage quadrant dress

It’s a great choice for those of you who want to wear the Mod fashions, but don’t want to stand out too much either. The Quadrant dress is plain, but striking and sophisticated. It’s perfect for wearing to an informal or semi-formal party.

• John Smedley roll neck: do you want to stay warm this winter while looking stylish? No doubt the answer is ‘yes’, because who doesn’t? If, like everyone else, you favour both warmth and fashion for your winter wardrobe, then you can’t go wrong with the John Smedley roll neck. We searched high and low for the perfect roll neck jumper, which is a great Mod fashion, but also very hot on the high street this year too.


This roll neck is made from Merino wool, hence the hefty price tag. But, my goodness is it soft and warm. We particularly love the blue option as it goes perfectly with a whole range of winter clothes. You can wear it to add a splash of mod to your outfit or you can build around it and create a full-on Mod look. It’s wonderfully versatile.

So, there we have it, three fantastic choices from Mod fashions for autumn/winter 2016. Take a look around the site because we have plenty more to offer this season.

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