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Retro Fashion Which Made A Comeback In 2017

Fashion trends come and go, and come back again. That’s why it’s always wise to take note of the throwback trends of yesteryear.

Fashion has always been something cyclical, from the resurgence of the flare to the tenacity of the leather jacket, there are always fashion staples which transcend periods and become something sought after for decades after its inception. With many clothing items, it is easy to see where they fell out of fashion and when they’ve returned. Some may see the somewhat erratic fashion industry as fickle in this sense, but with trends coming and going like the tide it’s more cyclical than that. National and international moods may inform our fashion decisions as could music and other media trends, whilst some tend to stick around because of their functionality and all-round crowd pleasing. So, whether it’s Mod clothing or biker jackets, there’s always a blink and you’ll miss style coming back in which could just as easily be a flash in the pan as it could stick around.

Band T Shirts

One thing which has always remained in fashion is the band T shirt. With so many musicians out there collaborating with talented artists on album artwork, it’s not hard to find a new band T shirt which is the perfect mix of fashion and fandom. The same goes for some of those classic band T shirts which will always remain iconic; from The Who to Guns ‘n Roses, there’s are countless memorable band T shirts which act as both a throwback and a staple of modern fashion.


Embroidery has made a comeback on bomber jackets and beyond. Whether it’s embroidered patches on pairs of jeans or punk patches embroidered on your bag, there’s always new embroidery, both built in or added that can mirror your modern style and bring back a throwback feel. With modern jeans having sown floral patterns into their denim, it’s easy to see the high street shops who are piggy backing on the embroidery trend, adding a dash of colour to our often-dull sea of monochrome.

Slip dresses

Boogying back from the naughty 90’s, the slip dress has found it’s way back into our hearts. Combined with chokers and grunge rock, we’ve fallen back in love with 90’s fashion. With the slip dress being a classic example of easy and functional clothing. Acting As a grounding for either dressing up or casual wear, depending on the clothes you combine it with, the slip dress can be incredibly versatile. Coming in a range of patterns, there’s plenty to choose from with the slip dress.


From the sports goth to the sports lux movement, tracksuits have come back in this year in a big way. Whether it’s the Gallagher brother style Northern tracksuit or a sleeker fitness freak style, tracksuits can be found up and down the high street in all its styles. Especially popular in the female varieties, the tracksuits modern variety is most popular with a red and white pinstripe up the leg and can be worn in both a functional fitness style or for more of a comfort wear feel.

Smoking slippers

Harking back to the days of 20’s Hollywood glamour, the smoking slipper paired with the waifish silk robe came back into fashion last year in a big way. Especially during the summer, these light and breezy shoes paired with luxury silk were comfortable and presented a blank canvas for beautiful designs that would truly give you a versatile way to keep your look fresh, wherever you happen to be. Suitable for warm nights and sunny afternoons, you can expect to see more smoking jackets and robes come the spring and summer of 2018.

Jam shoes

These two-tone brogues come in all shapes and sizers and are often recognised as an evolution of the 50’s creeper. With Teddy boys gone, it was the Mod style which brought Jam Shoes into the limelight, not to mention the band of the same name during the Mod revival of the 70’s. Adding a new dash of character to the otherwise uniform brogues, there are plenty of two tone colours to choose from when it comes to jam shoes.

Dramatic sleeves

If there’s one thing which came back, especially on peasant tops in the summer, it was flared and ruffled sleeves. Whether short or long, 2017 was a definite year for strong sleeve game. Whether going for a long-sleeved crop top or a short halter neck, there was more than enough variety of sleeves for everyone’s tastes in 2017.

Vintage denim styles

Unfinished hemmed jeans were one of the many throwbacks we saw in 2017 which have sparked the public’s imagination once again. Whether it’s ripped or has had patches added to the jeans, there is plenty which was new to the denim game of 2017.

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