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Keeping Modern With A Mod Twist

It’s easier than ever to see the throwback vintage look in modern day dress. 

It seems that today more than ever, the idea of the callback as modern statement is more rife than ever. Is it that we can’t find any new styles which we could so easily call modern? Or is it that the old trademarks are just so attractive that we simply can’t let them go? Whatever the reason for your attachment to fashion made famous in the swinging sixties, there are plenty of options for you to buy in the present day, which are as fashionable as they were as mod clothing in the 60’s.

Parka coats

It’s a rainy day in the UK, walk outside and more than umbrellas, you will most likely see a whole range of parka wearing men and women. These coats are still some of the most popular in the country, and it’s not surprising to see why. These coats are both warm, durable and look cool. From the Gallagher brothers to the everyman on the street, you can see parka’s being worn by almost everyone. You don’t have to be a mod to enjoy a good parka coat but when wearing it you will be wearing a callback to the era. Like many of the items on the list, the parka coat is not only an item of clothing but an echo and voice into the past. Whether intentionally or not, the parka coat you’re wearing is a piece of history, like a meteor hurtling through the space of modern day.


The harrington jacket is another piece of kit you can thank the mods for. Nowadays, the mod jacket has been tossed around from style to style, from personality to personality. Not because it is so malleable as a piece of clothing to the wills of different trends, but because it can come out untainted by them, retaining its original character, which itself surpasses that of the mod trend. The Harrington jacket stands on its own two feet, and it’s beauty is in the rare find of a jacket that both fits into popular styles but can be transported into new realms. Forever changing hands yet a constant in its character, you can never go wrong with the Harrington jacket.

Polo shirts

Polo shirts will always be popular and act as a blank canvas for many brands and trends out there. If you want to go mod however, the polo shirt takes a distinct tone in the guise of the Fred Perry’s and makes such as Lyle and Scott and Penguin. You know you’re faced with a mod polo shirt when the ends of each sleeve are defined with rings of colour. You may find extra detail on the collars too, and it is these refining features which make the mod polo shirt stand out from your everyday high street brand number. This is why they have remained so popular throughout the ages, and have found new fans in younger generations.

Turtle necks

Turtle neck jumpers were part of the mod generation due to their fascination with beat poets and modern art, or at least the pretense of such. This has led to the increasing popularity, especially in the modern day to the turtle neck due to its affiliations with the intelligentsia and the practical functions of the clothing type. With the turtleneck, wearers can expect a scarf and a tight jumper all rolled into one. You can both enjoy the sophistication whilst also keeping warm, worn especially well under a harrington jacket.

Gingham shirts 

These shirts have, like the parka jacket changed hands from style to style yet retained their air of mod culture. Something deep within a fashionista’s consciousness will link the gingham shirt with the mod culture. The small checkered pattern which originally came out of Manchester’s 18th century factories still retains that overtly British charm and sophistication.

Dr Martens

These shoes are not only part of mdo culture but part of British heritage, as popular in the 60’s as they were in the days of the mods. Just like the jam shoes of ages past, the Dr Martens shoes are a welcome reminder of our roots as a fashionable nation as well as being sturdy and ever popular with many generations.

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