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Best Outfits For Spring 2018

Finding the right outfit for your spring wardrobe has just got easier.

It’s no easy feat to pull of that spring look. It may still feel like we’re in the bowels of winter at this time of the year but it’s well and truly on it’s way. The sun is rising earlier and there’s a little more colour to the parks. Spring is often tricky to dress for. On the one hand the suns out and we want to bloom like the flowers are, yet the distinctly cool air will mean that we are forced to keep wrapped up until the full heat of the summer comes along. This leaves us with one big problem, how do you dress for sunshine and light whilst keeping warm? The answer is below, and with New York Fashion Week just behind us, it’s no surprise that we can already see both new trends and vintage throwback hitting the high streets and Mod Clothing UK shops as we speak.

Trouser suits

Trouser suits are back in, both as sharp formal wear and as a streetwear casual statement. There’s a lot you can do with the trouser suit, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to patterns and design. The best thing about women’s suits is that they are figure hugging and sleek, taking inspiration from Mod Clothing London among many other sharp suit styles.

Waist Belts

Waist belts are great both for practicality purposes and as a statement of style. With many seen on the cat walks this winter for the coming summer season, the waist belt brings great brands into the public eye once more, whether that be the brilliant Nina Ricci or Gucci. We know how the brands love to show off, and that’s why their recognisable patterns come centre stage with these great belts. A symbol of class and cultural awareness, these brand symbols are specifically designed to be eye catching and memorable. Wearing one shows you off and your awareness of the arts world. Although this process happens intuitively, the conception of such symbols is measured and calculated.


Well designed and eye-catching trainers are some of the most sought-after footwear out there. Whether it be for flexibility in the street or just for showing off, we all love a good pair of trainers, especially if they come alongside a known brand. The trainer is a must for any spring wardrobe, especially if you’re looking to be active again come the sunnier months. What’s more, the trainer comes as a versatile addition to any wardrobe. We all know how this can be worn with so many different styles, and a good pair of trainers will be easy to rock this spring.

Raw fabrics

Investing in an outfit with raw fabrics may cos that little bit extra but the originality and depth which they add to your outfit knows no bounds. Last years catwalks saw the inclusion of linen and washed cottons, all imbued with woven leathers. What better way to fall in love with the blooming of spring than with the grounded beiges and creams of these unfettered materials?

Playing with plaid

Like the Harrington’s of mod clothing London and the ever popular burberry, the plaid and tartan patterns are making a return. Whether it be in the lining of a trench coat, or in the pattern of a pencil skirt, we’re getting very excited about tartan and plaid. The colour palette possibilities are endless, and we know that with the inclusion of many new colour schemes, this year is going to be more plaidtastic than ever.

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