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Mod fashion will never go out of style. As a European inspired and quintessentially British look, Mod suits are here to stay.

 So how do you wear them? There are plenty of easier styles out there which require little to no effort at all, yet the mod suit is a must have for many fashionistas and music lovers. The whole point is that it looks sharp and precise, so getting it right can be really tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips to help you get your mod suit just right.

 Where did the Mod style come from?

 During the 50’s fashion was at its most rigid. In Britain at least, mens clothing consisted of monochrome suits and smart shoes, giving little leeway to informal attire. Mod fashion came from a reaction against this; gaudy colours, paisley shirts and European brands from countries such as Italy and France became the go to for the modernists. The change gave working class “teddy boys” a way to transcend their lives into something more exciting and the focus on fashion led to a reaction against the masculine stereotypes of the 50’s.

 So, when it comes to mod fashion in the 21st century, what should the novice keep in mind?

Taper your trouser

 Taper your trousers

 Tapered trouser legs means that the hem comes up to your ankle, giving your feet a stage at which to show themselves off. With a whole range of amazing shoes available at mod clothing stores today, you’ll want to up the hem of your trousers. Whether you’re going for casual slim jeans, chinos or smart suit trousers, a tapered look works best with mod suits.

If you’re going smart, one tip is to keep or iron in a trouser crease, giving your suit trousers a slick and crisp edge to them. This will define and contour your trousers and help you to uphold the mod values of pristine appearance.

 Mix designer casual with smart

 One key mod trend is to meld your casual with your smart. So that could mean a combination of a Fred Perry polo shirt with smart desert boots, or a paisley shirt with jeans, bringing the right blend of smart and casual. This comes from the hybridising of fashionable brands forma cross Europe in the 50’s. With the Lambretta scooter bringing the mods into more cultured territory, the clothes followed suit, especially when Fred Perry became associated with sophisticated sports such as tennis.

 Sharp leather shoes

There are plenty of mod shoes you can choose from. From its roots in rockabilly, the creeper was the first incarnation for the mod, before doc martens and chelsea boots became the footwear of choice. These durable and smart shoes are very flexible when it comes to attire you can wear them with. Whether it’s jeans or smart trousers, or under a slick turtle neck, there’s plenty to play with when it comes to a mods choice footwear.

Furthermore, make sure to keep your shoes in good condition, keeping the true mod values of pride in appearance.



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