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Good music is timeless, and so is mod inspiration.

From The Who to The Beatles, from The Kinks to Bowie, there are always singers and bands who will remain in the British canon for years to come. Many of these musicians have been around for years and some even predate the mod explosion. The mod culture is one of the most inspirational for modern day clothing and so has dissipated into everyday fashion as well as being its own unique style.The same goes with the music, inspiration has led to the mods being one of the most sought after styles in music as well and mod inspired musicians having sky-rocketed across the world in terms of popularity. So who are the musicians still out there who are rocking the mod ethos in the modern world.

What did mods listen to?

First off, it’s a good idea to ask the question of what kind of music mods would listen to back in the 60’s. With their pretensions of sophistication, early mods would listen to the smooth jazz of musicians such as MIles Davis and rhythm and blues musicians such as Muddy Waters. African American soldiers stationed in the UK during the cold war would sell mods ska and r & b records from the likes of The Skatalites whilst bands such as The Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds were specifically mod inspired.

MOD music

Alex Turner

Alex Turner is a Sheffield based musician who has definitely taken some tips from Mod Clothing UK. Alex is the lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys. Whilst the early records of the Arctic Monkeys are more inspired by punk than they are by mod music, their music has evolved to have influences from soul and r&b whilst his style includes rockabilly hair, smart sharp suits and a range of other mod inspired looks. Alex Turner is also a founder of The Last of the Shadow Puppets with the other mod inspired musician on this list, MIles Kane.

 MIles Kane

MIles Kane is best known for his contributions with The Arctic Monkeys lead singer Alex Turner and in the early days his former band the Rascals would even support them on tour, After the breakup of the Rascals, MIles began collaborating with Alex Turner before starting a solo career with music inspired by the likes of the Beatles and recorded by producers of Kasabian and The Coral, two bands with a distinctly mod inspired look and sound. Miles Kane has even played in a Beatles tribute band named Dr Pepper’s Jaded Hearts Club Band.

 Paul Weller

Paul Weller was the lead singer of The Jam and is the man responsible for the mod revival of the 80’s, often being referred to as the Modfather. Paul Weller has had success with New Wave and Mod revival band The Jam before his soul orientated band The Style Council took different aspects of mod culture into the musical sphere. Nowadays however, it is Paul Weller’s solo music which has led to further critical acclaim and definitely has a mod edge to it.



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