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Sixties sophistication: how to get the mod look – and make it your own

The 1960s. A decade to which the society and culture that followed owed so much. Not least in terms of the music, movies, TV, liberated outlook, entrepreneurism and, yes, the fashion of the next few decades – and even that of today. Indeed, when it comes to fashion, few people can truly resist looking back to the ’60s for inspiration; especially the modern-day top-notch fashion designers. So why shouldn’t you?

The thing that’s so accessible about getting that ’60s look is that the era was a time of limitless fashion in terms of the divergent and varied styles that emerged; mod, bohemia, bikers and beatnik-styled clothing. The freedom and creativity rife in art, culture and music transcended into fashion, and the ’60s attire that had previously been viewed as bland suddenly became an avenue in which to express yourself.


The mod look – what it was all about

So, if all the ’60s fashion styles, you feel the mod look is the one that you feel attracted to most, the one that fits you the most; then get ready for browsing through and choosing between slim fits, narrow cuts and clean lines. You know, like those frequently worn by The Beatles in their ’60s heyday. Sounds good, right? 1960s mod fashion evolved from the iconic teddy boys style of the previous generation, which took inspiration from Edwardian dandies and the tailored suits they took pride in. The mods enhanced the structured look of the suits and the Teddy Boy leather jackets and added some new ’60s elements into the mix as well to create a whole new subcultural style, such as the polo shirt, the boating jacket and a lot more vibrant and bright colours and patterns.

And where would a mod be without the pride and glory of his well-stocked shoe collection? Winkle pickers, desert and Chelsea boots are the obvious choices. Without the right shoes, vintage inspired looks can look amateurish so to avoid this; stick to these three fail safe options. Keep your shoe game slick and formal and keep your silhouette clean and neat. Plump for polished leather to pull off that formal mod look or dress it down with some tan or black suede desert boots.


The mod look worn today

Remember too that 1960s mod-style clothing doesn’t have to stay stuck in a vintage rut; that’s because lots of looks from that great era work effortlessly in the present day. There are really not that many alterations needed, as the styles still adored as much today as it was back in the era. But the key is to stick to the essentials. Throw on a polo neck jumper, preferably in black, and you’re already off to a good start.

Team the jumper with some clean skinny fit suit trousers and a matching boating blazer or mix it up a little and put together some formal trousers (such as chinos), a blazer in another fabric (such as tweed) and finish off the look with a neutral coloured mac and smart formal shoes. Your aim should be to keep the silhouette slim and flattering, as most 1960s clothing fitted the body and was not overly baggy like it was in the eras that followed. Have fun and, remember, always try to look sharp!

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