Sherry's Navy Prince of Wales  Suit


As stunning addition to our collection, this three-button, single vented number comes in a smart navy dogtoth pattern, topped off by a light green over-check. 


  • Three button, single vent suit jacket with three flap pockets and breast pocket 
  • Flat front trousers featuring frogmouth pcokets and one back pocket. 
  • Classic 1960's tailored cut 
  • Made in London
  • Same-day alterations available 


Sherry's has been designing and manufacturing three buttoned suits for four decades on Carnaby Street. From then till now its suits have been a staple for Mods and Skinheads alike. 

Still made in London and true to the 60's cut, Sherry's suits are emblamatic of both the golden era and the timelessness of the style. 


Navy Prince of Wales

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