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    Mod fashion will never go out of style. As a European inspired and quintessentially British look, Mod suits are here to stay.

     So how do you wear them? There are plenty of easier styles out there which require little to no effort at all, yet the mod suit is a must have for many fashionistas and music lovers. The whole point is that it looks sharp and precise, so getting it right can be really tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips to help you get your mod suit just right.

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    Travelling and staying stylish can be tough, but following these top tips for mod style might just keep the sun shining.

    Travelling can be stressful for a full fledged mod. What with the sweaty queues, cramped trains and planes as well as baggage manhandling leaving your freshly ironed mod suit all creased and crumpled. It’s a tough life for a well travelled mod, but at least you’re on holiday. You needn’t worry about style cramping on crowded carriages though, staying fashionable whilst travelling can be easier than you think. Just by taking some of these tips on board your flight with you, you could be transforming a rainy day the perfect summer holiday and taking that London mod shop look all the way to another continent.

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    Now spring is in full swing, summer is not far away.

    Many of us are beginning to rethink our wardrobes. Now the sun is out, we’re realising that those massive parkas are becoming less and less wieldy as the degrees creep up. Whilst we’re still only in short bursts of pure heat, the summer will soon be upon us and finding the perfect wardrobe is at the top of many peoples agenda this month. So whether you’re looking for men or womens mod clothing, what are the options for the retro styled among us? What are the colour palettes that work the best with the summer?

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  • The Men’s Mod Look – How To Get It Right

    Do mods – those oh-so cool bods that seem to like to recreate the looks and fashions of the Swinging Sixties and slightly before at their finest – belong to the best-dressed sub-culture in British culture? We certainly think so! And, frankly, the evidence’s all there to see.

    Male mod fashion is essentially the perfect fusion of Italian- (and, to a lesser extent, French-) tailoring, the philosophy of the 1940s and ’50s Beat Generation rebels and the precision for detail of the late ’50s teddy bears. And, so terrifically sharp, so irresistibly elegant and so deliciously iconic is it that today’s designers simply can’t get enough of it as inspiration for their creations of the 2010s. In a word, it’s universal.

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  • Beat Music, Beatniks, Ska and Italian Style: A Brief History of the Mod

    Where does mod style come from? Many assume it was 1960s Britain; in particular, in and around the London-centred music scene. Yet, while it developed and evolved there and at that time, its origins really date back to the 1950s.

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  • Yesterday’s Mod Chic Today: Reinterpreting ’60s Fashion in the 2010s

    Let’s face it; what young, modern woman can’t resist today’s urban retro chic? It’s fast become a default simple yet elegant, universal yet individual style. But how to get it right? How to keep it chic but throw enough of yourself into the mix? Well, when it comes to updating retro-influenced fashion, a great – and, when you think on it, obvious – starting point is to return to the source. That is, don’t be a sheep and follow/ react to today’s fashion magazines/ Pinterest ideas; instead, look to the fashion that’s inspiring the look in the first place.

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  • How to achieve the mod look – mixing smart and casual with real style

    Although harking back to days gone by – that is, it’s retro – mod fashions definitely a hugely popular look and inspiration in modern fashion. Identified by all and sundry with the mid-1960s and the likes of the London-based bands The Who and The Small Faces, who pioneered the ‘mod’ culture and way of life, as well as the fashion, its origins actually lie in the desire of that era’s youth to break away from much of the monotone fashion of the 1950s.

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  • Yesterday today: how to recreate ’60s women’s fashion styles

    To understand how women’s fashion changed, evolved and developed in the 1960s, carving out its own very distinct identity from what went before, it’s important to appreciate what happened in that decade, socially speaking – on both sides of the Atlantic.

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  • What Women Wanted: The ins-and-outs of 1960s Fashion

    Of all the decades that can claim to be within ‘living memory’, none are quite so creative, dramatic and downright revolutionary as the 1960s. In terms of music, film, television, society, law and politics, the ’60s were a dectet of years that saw profound challenges to eons-old mores and attitudes (even to a planet that had relatively recently gone through two ‘world wars’). Yet added to that list ought to be fashion – and, especially, women’s fashion. In every conceivable way, how people dressed, how people chose to present themselves to each other and the public at large changed like it never had before in this decade. And here’s a quick rundown of just how it happened…

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  • From Boots To Pantsuits: How 1960s Fashion Is Still With Us Today

    Don’t doubt it; fashion in the 1960s was as revolutionary, playful and rapidly-evolving as its era’s cultural and socio-political narrative. But, taken together or individually, the clothing and footwear items from this decade weren’t iconic one-offs; far from it. Like it or not, ’60s clobber has inspired and influenced a great amount of fashion (especially women’s fashion) that’s come since – whether you’re talking the mod clothing London favourite that’s the go-go boot or even Hillary Clinton’s favourite, the pantsuit…

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