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  • Best Outfits For Spring 2018

    Finding the right outfit for your spring wardrobe has just got easier.

    It’s no easy feat to pull of that spring look. It may still feel like we’re in the bowels of winter at this time of the year but it’s well and truly on it’s way. The sun is rising earlier and there’s a little more colour to the parks. Spring is often tricky to dress for. On the one hand the suns out and we want to bloom like the flowers are, yet the distinctly cool air will mean that we are forced to keep wrapped up until the full heat of the summer comes along. This leaves us with one big problem, how do you dress for sunshine and light whilst keeping warm? The answer is below, and with New York Fashion Week just behind us, it’s no surprise that we can already see both new trends and vintage throwback hitting the high streets and Mod Clothing UK shops as we speak.

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  • Keeping Modern With A Mod Twist

    It’s easier than ever to see the throwback vintage look in modern day dress. 

    It seems that today more than ever, the idea of the callback as modern statement is more rife than ever. Is it that we can’t find any new styles which we could so easily call modern? Or is it that the old trademarks are just so attractive that we simply can’t let them go? Whatever the reason for your attachment to fashion made famous in the swinging sixties, there are plenty of options for you to buy in the present day, which are as fashionable as they were as mod clothing in the 60’s.

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  • Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

    Every year sees the fashion industry begin to shapeshift beyond measure. Don’t miss out, find out what’s going to be hot this year.

    Fashion changes so much it’s almost unrecognisable from one season to the next. With that in mind you can’t be expected to keep up to date with all of the trends which come and go like brief sparks in the fashion worlds sky. This means that to play it safe it is a good idea to get your head around some key garms to invest in which will almost definitely not go out of fashion, at least till 2018 is over and done with. It’s not just singular items which might keep you in stead for the year, but fashion trends which incorporate several items of clothing. Below you can find some of the items we see being big in 2018.

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  • Must Wear Trends For 2018

    We all love to keep on top of fashion trends, and 2018 promises to have a lot to mine from.

    Whether man or woman, the fashion landscape, however subtly, is going to change. Some years it’s by increments and some it’s by waves of change. Just like the changes in the wind, trends can come and go. The great thing about yearly trends is how intuitive they are. Whilst some may argue that they are tailored by the best fashion designers out there year after year, it is also partly down to the mood of the collective hive mind. Society affects fashion in much the same way that current events effects theatre, film and music. However deep you dig, the trends old and new are there for you to spot, and whether it’s a throwback or a completely new innovation, we’ve listed the best mod clothing and revolutionary designs as they hit the high street this year.

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  • Getting To Know The Mod Shirt

    As modern art became popular, shirts became a new creature entirely during the mod era.

    Mods have long been known for their striking shirt wear. Ever since the mop was top, City Gents would make that extra effort to dress to impress. The Mod strayed from the conservative work shirt look and instead added an extra dash of zing to their button ups. That’s why even to this day mod wear is still popular. With striking patterns and designer labels, mods added a refreshing touch to the every day shirt. Below you can find some of the popular examples of this, and the reasons why shirts changed so dramatically during the era.

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  • Some Style Tips For Mod Men And Women

    Mod style is as popular as it was back in the day. Here’s some tips for how you could make the most of mod fashion.

    Dating back to the 60s, mod fashion was a popular style for city folk and it’s easy to see why. With resurgences throughout the 20th century, the style has endured and you can still find lots of examples of shops selling mod clothing in London. From the Gallagher brothers of Oasis, the mod style has endured not just as a subculture and fashion trend but as a lifestyle choice. Not just for men either; with icons like 60’s model Twiggy still imprinted in our minds, many women still follow the mod look as well. There’s plenty of examples in clothing for both men and women’s fashion of the mod culture still thriving. Here are a few we’ve noticed.

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  • Women’s Mod Fashion In The 1960’s

    From Twiggy to Alexa Chung, mod fashion has endured the ages. Here are the signature styles to look out for and how you can rock it.

    Mod style has carried through into the 21st century. From mod styled bands both in the North and South of England as well as celebrities who have taken the look, the Mod style has kept on going. It’s not only the boating blazers of the Bowies and Townsends who made this style what it is today, the women of the Mod era have become staples of both British culture and counter-culture and have kept the style going. Continuously revamped and reworked, the Mod style is as present today as it was in the 60’s, just made subtler and incorporated into other styles. Fashion evolves, and to know how to work the new you need to get to know the roots.

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  • Retro Fashion Which Made A Comeback In 2017

    Fashion trends come and go, and come back again. That’s why it’s always wise to take note of the throwback trends of yesteryear.

    Fashion has always been something cyclical, from the resurgence of the flare to the tenacity of the leather jacket, there are always fashion staples which transcend periods and become something sought after for decades after its inception. With many clothing items, it is easy to see where they fell out of fashion and when they’ve returned. Some may see the somewhat erratic fashion industry as fickle in this sense, but with trends coming and going like the tide it’s more cyclical than that. National and international moods may inform our fashion decisions as could music and other media trends, whilst some tend to stick around because of their functionality and all-round crowd pleasing. So, whether it’s Mod clothing or biker jackets, there’s always a blink and you’ll miss style coming back in which could just as easily be a flash in the pan as it could stick around.

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  • From Polo Shirts To Minidresses: Highlights Of The Sherry’s London Range

    At Sherry’s London, we stock a diverse range of mod clothing UK, here are some examples…

    Polo shirts

    One of our most popular garments, for sure – and that could well be down to the fact that, as mod fashion goes, polo shirts are definitely wearable by men and women equally. No question, the short-sleeved, pique cotton polo shirt is the original mod-tastic type and, for many, the best you can pull on. And you can create a supreme look, for sure, by pairing one along with a Harrington jacket (see below) and desert boots – indeed, it was this sort of look that pretty much became a uniform of sorts for the first wave of mods back in the 1960s.

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  • These Boots Are Made For Wearin’: The glory Of 1960s-Style Boots

    As is the way with so much in fashion; what goes around comes around. But, frankly, practically anyone who bothers themselves with following women’s fashion each and every year are only too aware of this. Hence why it’s not just distinctive and shows that you’re comfortable in your own skin and happy to display your own individualism and personal style by wearing mod-inspired clobber, but also by wearing footwear influenced – if not lifted directly from that era – and, in particular, 1960s-style boots.

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