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Styled By Sherrys London

Mods had a very specific outlook. In the past it was an aspiration for modern living and an intellectual (at least a facade) curiosity into art and culture. With Italian and French fashion and sensibilities being the go to for culture during the mod heyday being the go to, it could be very easy to get carried away, especially with mod culture being mostly taken up by the young who by their very nature, look to grab attention through the way they dress. So what tips are there for not only dressing to your strengths, but keeping a cool frame of mind to go with the style?

Quality not quantity

When it comes to mod style, finding that charity shop bargain can be areal stroke of luck, but ensuring that your wardrobe reflects quality rather than quantity is always key. Mod clothing is unique, so finding that cheap imitation may weigh lighter on the wallet, but will be easily recognisable as a copy of the real deal. Whilst this is fine on a day to day casual wear basis, part of the mod mentality is investing in those collectibles, and no true mod would ever have a  complete wardrobe without one or two items you pride. Whether it's that vintage Beatles Jacket or an original US Army Parka, you may have to search far and wide for those collectibles. At the end of the day though, that’s part of the fun!

Subtle is stylish

In the modern day, stitching the union jack to the back of your parka may have rather different connotations to it than it would have 40 years ago. The mod style has matured over time, and it is now possible to wear the style in a subtle way. Whether it be a vintage cardigan or a polo shirt over jeans and trainers, there are countless variations of the mod style which give just that touch of the classic look, whilst adapting to the modern times we live in. There have been a wide range of styles and incarnations of mod culture since the 60’s, through the Manchester rave scene of the 90’s to the punk scene of the 80’s.

Smart, casual and smart casual - where are the lines?

Desert boots can no longer be worn with suits, whilst trainers can in certain circumstances. Mod culture is a very fine line between smart and casual and those gaps between them. Knowing where to push the boat out and where to toe the line is very important in mod culture.

A fashion trend which evolves with the times

As mentioned above, there have been many incarnations of the mod look, from the 60’s, to the revival of the 80’s and well into the 90’s and noughties. This means that mod style is highly adaptable with the times. Examples of this can be seen in the still flourishing mod clothing companies such as Fred Perry and Ben Sherman.

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Enzo Bellocchio
Enzo Bellocchio
Apr 25, 2021

Nice pic in Rome ;-)

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