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Whether you’re enjoying a three piece or your mixing and matching your mod jackets with something a little more casual, there’s plenty of ways to wear the mod suit.

But firstly, when we talk about mod suits, what is the exact style we’re talking about? Are they best worn slim or loose? Blazer button done up or done down? Once you scratch under the surface, there are a lot of factors to stew over, the veritable feast of the mod suit being not without its meticulous preparation. If you want to know your Beatles Jacket from your Zoot Suit, then take these tips from some of the best style pros out there.

History of the mod suit

With the 60’s subculture well underway in the early 60’s the first mod shops began to open up in London’s Carnaby Street. In the reactionary fashion of many subcultures, the mod look went against the rugged leather jacket of the Teddy Boy and tailored their look around the sophistication currently trickling its way from Italy and Spain. With the French turtlenecks and berets and the tailored suits of Italy beginning to show that fashion was an acceptable interest for men, these began to find their way onto the high streets of London and the South of England.

The Mod Suit was tailored around your sizes, ensuring a snug and streamline fit. The suit jackets were decadent, often with pocket squares and always three buttoned. The tones used were often limited to the greys, blues and browns, but there have been cases of more extravagant suits. These Italian style suits were often imported, adding to their allure.


Ties were kept in keeping with the colours of the suits, were often Italian made and were most likely self tipping. This means that the two ends of the tie are made with the same fabric as its shell, ensuring quality all the way through.

Another tie which is popular with the mod style is the knitted tie. This is made with a textured feel and knitted look, blunted at the end to create a rectangular look. These ties are slimmer, and so fit around the collar better whilst also making it easier to get a symmetrical knot.

There are a wide range of handmaid ties, which means that the inner seam of the tie is handcrafted, ensuring individuality for each one.

The modern day mod suit

To use the phrase “modern mod suit” is a non sequitur in that mods are themselves short for modernists, making them forward thinking by ethos. That being said, the mod suit has changed a little over time. With it fluctuating in fashion, the mod suit now has hand stitched lapels and slashed pockets.

Whilst the 2 button suit is still popular due to the deep V it provides, the buttoned up look of the 3 button mod suit should never be dismissed. It has been kept fresh through a wide range of materials being used, as well as a range of different trouser styles. The patterns and colours have diversified as well, leading to textured cottons, acrylics and more eye popping pastels.

Rod Stewart, Ronnie Lane, Roger Daltrey & Steve Marriott

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