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    Whether you’re enjoying a three piece or your mixing and matching your mod jackets with something a little more casual, there’s plenty of ways to wear the mod suit.

    But firstly, when we talk about mod suits, what is the exact style we’re talking about? Are they best worn slim or loose? Blazer button done up or done down? Once you scratch under the surface, there are a lot of factors to stew over, the veritable feast of the mod suit being not without its meticulous preparation. If you want to know your Beatles jacket from your zoot suit, then take these tips from some of the best style pros out there.

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    Mods had a very specific outlook. In the past it was an aspiration for modern living and an intellectual (at least a facade) curiosity into art and culture. With Italian and French fashion and sensibilities being the go to for culture during the mod heyday being the go to, it could be very easy to get carried away, especially with mod culture being mostly taken up by the young who by their very nature, look to grab attention through the way they dress. So what tips are there for not only dressing to your strengths, but keeping a cool frame of mind to go with the style?

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    Many people may see it as more of an attitude and way of life than in the way you dress, but the style plays a part in the way of life. If you’ve got the wardrobe, you’re halfway there already, so as long as you follow these fashion tips, you could be getting into the true mod headspace in no time at all.

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    Based in the trendy Soho area, the inspiration for this mod shop came not only from the amazing clothes but the buzzing atmosphere of the area where it lay its roots. With the swinging sixties really taking its toll on Soho, it’s no wonder that Sherry’s found its home here. What with London being famous not only for its history, but its culture of music and creativity, it’s no surprise to find that some of the most influential mod bands have set foot in the capital, and most likely walked the very streets where Sherry’s stands today!

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  • A look at loafers: the classic retro footwear choice

    Let’s face it; looking back through the decades there’s not been a truly fashionable wearer of great wardrobe attire, man or woman, who’s not had a pair of loafers among their footwear options. Wearable at any time of the year, but often preferred as footwear that’s chosen to be worn during spring and summer months, loafers may have a reputation for being tricky to get right as part of an outfit, making it sometimes hard to know what to style them with, but they’re unquestionably a great wardrobe staple.

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  • From the Panama to the porkpie: know your classic vintage hats

    So, do you know your trilby from your porkpie? Your Panama from your boater? No? Well, don’t worry; for this is our guide to the very coolest, very best classic hat styles to plump for to pimp up your look and lend it some of that irresistible vintage cut-and dash…

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  • Right on target: the tale behind the mod roundel

    As synonymous with the mod movement as the Lambretta or Vespa scooter or the Chelsea boot or the Harrington jacket or the Paul Weller haircut or The Jam t shirt, the red, white and blue target emblem is, well, basically the logo of the mod. An icon that’s impossible to separate from what the very essence of a mod and what being one is, its origins and history may, however, surprise you a little…

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  • Patch it up: the role of patches in vintage and modern fashion

    Wherever you look today, you’ll see patches adorning fashion. Yet it certainly hasn’t always been that way. Traditionally speaking, of course, patches were only added to clothes for practical purposes – to cover holes in threadbare garments or to identify rank on military and other uniforms. A few decades ago, though, all of that changed; suddenly cloth patches were seized upon by young people and became one of several different fashion tools for self-expression and allegiance to certain causes and movements of the day.

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  • Sixties sophistication: how to get the mod look – and make it your own

    The 1960s. A decade to which the society and culture that followed owed so much. Not least in terms of the music, movies, TV, liberated outlook, entrepreneurism and, yes, the fashion of the next few decades – and even that of today. Indeed, when it comes to fashion, few people can truly resist looking back to the ’60s for inspiration; especially the modern-day top-notch fashion designers. So why shouldn’t you?

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  • Fantastic four: 4 top tips to pull off the rockabilly look

    For fans of retro – and/ or vintage – clothing, it needn’t necessarily be all about mod looks, styles and designs. Indeed, if you’ve browsed through vintage clothes shops, perused the wares on a retro garb market stall or taken a step inside a thrift store, you’ll be only too aware that the vintage opportunities out there are, frankly, endless. Many retro clobber enthusiasts, indeed, like to throw on their take on a chic mod outfit one day and their own personalised version of, well, a rockabilly get-up the next.

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