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Sherry's Black and Silver Boating Blazer 


Since the 1960's, these classic pieceshave been a staple part of the Modernist wardrobe, and Sherry's boating blazers are reminiscent of that golden era of Mod fashion, featuring all the details that have stayed the same since we first started production in 1979. 


The blazer features, cut with no vent for a slim fit, three jet black buttons with three buttons on each cuff, slim lapels, high break, two side pockets, breast pocket and one inside pocket. 


This classy number pairs exceptionally well with a pair of sta-prest in grey, white or black, a Sherry’s white button-down and corresponding tie and pocket-square, and finished off with a nice pair of black loafers or Chelsea boots. 


Sherry's - 40 Years of Style 


At Sherry’s, we have been making suits since opening up on Carnaby Street in the year of Mod Revival – 1979. Based on the suits of the Small Faces and other iconic ‘60’s bands, we have perfected our cut over the years to create our signature style, becoming emblematic of both the golden era and the timelessness of the style. 


Woven with the finest Yorkshire cloth and tailored in London, the classic Sherry’s suit have been a staple for Mods and Skins alike: slim-fitting with slim lapels, three buttons and a high beak, with flat-fronted trousers that feature frogmouth pockets, typically worn with a low break and showing just the right amount of shirt cuff. 


We offer a same-day alterations service for adjustments. Please do e-mail or call us for any enquires:– 02077345868.

Sherry's Boating Blazer - Black & Silver

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