Women’s Fashion Autumn/Winter 2016: Our Favourite Mod Styles

We have a fantastic collection for your autumn and winter wardrobe 2016. We’ve taken in orders from a range of high-end Mod designers, all carefully chosen to reflect the tastes of our wonderful customers. Whoever you are, if you’re into Mod fashion, you will find some great gems amongst our autumn winter collection. Continue reading “Women’s Fashion Autumn/Winter 2016: Our Favourite Mod Styles”

Understanding How a Boating Blazer Fits in a Mod’s Wardrobe

A boating blazer is a great way to add some style to your wardrobe. If you love the Mod fashions, then you can’t go wrong with a blazer. In fact, it’s a staple item in the wardrobe of any self-confessed Mod, as you well know!

Today, we’re going to delve into the fashion a little more deeply and look at some of the fantastic options on offer this season. You can buy boating blazers from the bricks-and-mortar shops, or from the internet; it makes no difference. All you need to know are a few basics, which we’ll show you below. Continue reading “Understanding How a Boating Blazer Fits in a Mod’s Wardrobe”

Gabicci: Autumn/Winter Trends for 2016

So, you like Gabicci? Good choice! They are one of our favourite labels here at Sherry’s London, and they’re always one of our fastest selling lines. That’s no surprise: the people of London are known for their fantastic choice in fashion! (That’s what we tell ourselves, at any rate). Continue reading “Gabicci: Autumn/Winter Trends for 2016”

The Ultimate Guide to Mod Fashions for Winter 2016

Today, we’re going to be taking a sneaky peek at this season’s biggest trends in mod fashions. You’ll notice that there are some key themes this year, centring around the need for adventure, the celebration of architecture, and, of course, a big dash of nostalgia – the latter of which is simply expected of the genre, regardless of season. Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Mod Fashions for Winter 2016”